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Does body size or shape matter?

Absolutely not.  Classes are about getting into shape and experiencing a total body workout while having fun in a relaxed, friendly, non-judgmental atmosphere. 
Is anyone ever allowed to watch?

We respect, protect and cater to the privacy of our students.  Spectators are never allowed.
Does pole fitness pose any health risks?

Since muscles in the body are seldom utilized this way, some soreness is to be expected.  We train students how to adapt, which naturally builds resistance in time.

Certain drills may result in minor impact and bruising, while others can cause skin friction or irritation.   The risk of injury is minor, posing no more than that of a gym.
What should I wear to class?

Bare arms and legs are essential to achieve sufficient grip on the pole.  Yoga pants or sweats are permitted so long as they can be adjusted to well above the knees.  Since loose fitting clothes can easily become tangled or wrapped around the pole, they are strongly discouraged.   The academy does not endorse or permit nudity.
Is it necessary that I arrive early?

Arriving 15 minutes before each class will provide sufficient time to change into workout clothes.  A warm-up is always mandatory.
Do I need to have a pole at home?

Though recommended for advanced students, owning a pole is not mandatory.  We are an authorized dealer for one of the most renown pole distributors in the U.S. and can easily assist with ordering for those who are interested.
Are there any limitations based on
current or previous health conditions?

We require all students to complete a simple health questionnaire before beginning any course or class.  The instructor is required to review each submission throughly prior to training. 

Pregnancy prohibits training at any level.  Asthmatics are encouraged to use their inhaler before each session.  Diabetics are required to have insulin on hand in case of emergencies.

Should any student have suffered any form of injury to the degree that limits their everyday activities, they are encouraged to recover completely before beginning or resuming classes.

Are there any safety precautions?

We require students to remove all jewelry to avoid pinching of the skin and damage to poles.  To avoid slips, lotions, oils and moisturizers are forbidden in the studio.

Students are encouraged to purchase and use their own pilates mat to reduce impact.

Students are encouraged to bring their own non-carbonated, non-alcoholic beverage to avoid dehydration.