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The Untold Benefits of Pole Fitness

Many jump to the stigma of pole dance when first acquainted with our service, and would make a big mistake drawing that comparison.  Pole fitness is a long-proven yet relatively untapped resource for physical activity.  Though it combines aspects gymnastics, dance, ballet, yoga and acrobatics, you don't need to be strong or at a high level of fitness before starting.  In fact, all ages, sizes and shapes can benefit and gain substantial rewards to their health by incorporating pole routines into their exercise regimen.

Very basic moves are demonstrated to beginners which are broken down into a step-by-step progressive plan, each having three levels that graduate from easy to difficult.  Priority is given to the safety and development of each student toward the acheivement of realistic, feasible goals.  Regularity of attendance will ensure passage to advanced levels of performance and increased improvement in overall health.

Pole fitness is an officially recognized Muscular Strength and Endurance (MSE) activity, which incorporates the building of core strength, muscle power, training and stability.  It also greatly increases coordination, balance and flexibility.  Soft tissue becomes more pliable in time as pole fitness engages all parts of the body with purposeful stretching, which gives way to greatly increased range and freedom of movement.   Muscles learn to exert maximum force against high resistance.  Students gain momentum and learn how to lift, hold and maintain the natural center of their body weight.  Relying on repetitive execution of progressive spins, linking moves and transititions, pole fitness creates muscle memory which thereby promotes endurance, fluidity and greater finesse.

Students will naturally acheive a greater metabolism that works and improves daily, reducing body fat, increasing muscle tone, decreasing any existing mental rigors such as anxiety, stress, and depression. Energy levels, sleep patterns, and health-consciousness all improve as early as week one!  Social interaction, self-confidence, and positive self image all become noticably pronounced.  A regular workout also reduces the risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes and obesity.  Staying active keeps joints, tendons and ligaments flexible.  Heart rate and glucose tolerance build quickly, as does oxygen intake and muscle tone.  Really, the benefits of pole fitness in your daily routine are undeniably clear.

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